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His: Breakfast Pizza

Grilling is awesome and pizza is awesome! So imagine what it’s like to grill a pizza…for breakfast! Yea, that’s what I did. and it turned out pretty rad. This is just a little somethin’ that I made one morning. I bought pre-made dough from WinCo (because I have yet to dabble in bread making) and just used some pretty typical breakfast ingredients. 

I started out by heating one side of the grill and turning it on the medium-low setting (gas grills make this pretty easy to make). While that’s warming up, I roll out the dough and form it to the desired shape. Then, I just get the rest of my ingredients ready. Dice a few tomatoes, Chop a bit of basil, crumble up some bacon, shred some parmesan and get some ricotta ready.

Now that everything is ready to go, all you do is put it together and it’s like magic. Take the dough and toss it on the grill to crust up one side for about a minute or two. Once it barely has grill marks, flip that bad boy and start to assemble! Spread the ricotta, sprinkle the parmesan and then add the tomatoes and bacon however you see fit. The last step is to add some fried eggs on top and then close the grill up to let it all hang out and make friends for about 7-10  minutes depending on how crusty you like your crust. 

And there you have it! ‘Til the next dish!

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