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His: Turkey Baguettes

In our quest to eat healthier we’ve tried to avoid red-meats as much as possible unless grass fed or really like what we buy at the farmer’s market. In doing so, I’ve been replacing our ground beef for ground turkey and let me tell you, it’s pretty awesome once you know how to properly cook ground turkey. 

"Summer time" as it’s called around these parts is a great time for grillin’! So these were just a little somethin’ that I made for a quick dinner. I took a pound of ground turkey and added some fresh herbs to bring flavor to the turkey. I just minced and roughly chopped some fresh rosemary, oregano, and sage as well as garlic, salt and pepper, threw and egg in there for binding and that’s pretty much all you need to do. Mix it up, form it to the desired patty shape and toss that on the grill! Make sure to oil up the patty and the grill to minimize sticking. I’ve forgotten many-a-time and it’s left chunks of my meal in between the grates. I still pick in out though and eat it…no need to waste!

For these I cut up some freshly baked baguettes and tossed the turkey right on it. Melted some mediterranean fontina cheese and then topped it with roma tomato slices, fresh organic spinach, and alfalfa sprouts. You can put mayo or any other kind of condiment you would like, whatever suits your fancy!

Awesome, delicious, and healthy! ‘Til the next dish!

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