her baking & his cooking

she bakes. he cooks. we eat.

her: blueberry crumb bars

this recipe has been in my “to bake” folder for… forever? or a really really long time… long story short-they’re amazing. fresh, tart, sweet and pretty :) pretty always wins extra points in my book.  made with more blueberries from the farmers market, which ps. is the best place ever to get fruits & veggies. 

if you have some blueberries in your kitchen. please. seriously. make. these. 

you’ll be uber happy. promise.

SN: next time i make them, i’ll prob cut the sugar down to 1/4 cup in the blueberry mixture and add an extra cup of blueberries. just my preference.  either way, they’re delish.

recipe source: smitten kitchen

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