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His: Rosemary & Fig grilled chicken wings

Mmm mmm mmm! The summer time is always such a great time to be cooking, especially in Washington (I feel that the vitamin D boosts everybody’s energy for sure). I also get to take more advantage of the grill even though I grill year round, but in the summer I’m not fighting with mamma nature. Grills are so versatile and bring out such great flavor and depth to food that otherwise go unnoticed when it’s just covered up and sitting in the corner.

Which brings me to this dish. Pretty simple as usual. Check it out.

It’s just grilled wings!

I took some whole chicken wings. Lightly coated them in olive oil (so that they didn’t stick to the grill) and just placed them with the wing tip DOWN. The reason for this is so that it cooks evenly since it’s the whole wing and it has time cook all the way to the bone.

While this was happening, I previously took a stick of butter and let it come to room temperature. Once it was soft, I just took two tablespoons of fig jam and fresh rosemary leaves (which I gave a rough chop) and mixed it all together. I then put the butter mixture and put it in the middle of a sizable piece of plastic wrap and then rolled it tightly back into shape and put it back in the fridge.

That’s all. Then I waited a bit.

Once the wings were cooked, I placed them into a large bowl. I cut the butter into little cube chunks and then tossed the hot wings around in the butter and used the heat to melt the butter down and coat them. Once coated, I then placed the wings with the tip UP back onto the grill to give it the sweet grill marks and let the butter crisp up the skin. Took them out and then had a feast! 

Rosemary and fig is such a great combo! Sometimes it’s best to just try and come up with interesting ways to use what you have lying around already because you’ll either

1. Learn unique and tasty flavor combos


2. Learn unique and un-tasty flavor combos

Try it out!

-‘til the next dish 

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