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our: life, lately

every time i start to blog, i think, ugh. we kinda suck at this whole blogging thing.  but, in all actuality, i’m okay with our blogging stats.  we’ve been enjoying life, soaking up the sun, and hanging out with friends and fam.  i’m an instagram whore, so i’m always posting pics… but, i want to make sure that we’re not living life to blog it.  we have been baking & cooking a bunch lately, so we do have some new goodies coming up but for now… here are some snap shots of life, lately.  

  1. getting fancy for a wedding
  2. bahn mi dinner dates
  3. tini loves the sunshine too
  4. beer, baseball, and garlic fries
  5. evening stroll at the dock street marina 
  6. korean bbq forthemuthafuckinwin
  7. gig harbor for the day
  8. froyo. yolo. 
  9. loving the 10thingsihateaboutyou view
  10. best. stuff. ever.
  11. taco truck tastiness

that’s all for now. hope ya’ll are havin’ a blasty blast of a summer.


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