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her: ice box cookie cake

lawdhavemercy. this cake.  it’s pretty much out of this world.  and… shhhh, don’t tell. but it can totally be super semi-homemade if you’re short on time. and no one will have to know.  i baked a bazillion batches of cookies for this thing.  but you could totally pick up your favorite box of chewy cookies from the grocery store and whip this thing up in no time at all. 

the cookies are layered with a heavenly mix of whipped cream and mascarpone cheese. whipped together until it’s super light & fluffy with medium peaks.  there is just a little bit of tanginess that works really well with the cookies.  start layering and then leave it in the “ice box” overnight so that all of those wonderful flavors can blend together. 

leaving it in the ice box, makes it possible to cut through all of the layers like a regular cake! yummm. add some fresh whipped cream and a few chocolate shavings, for garnish. then try not to eat the whole thing. by yourself. 

recipe source: martha stewart


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