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she bakes. he cooks. we eat.

our: (forgotten) weekly dinner menu

remember that one time, i said that we were going to create a weekly dinner menu? and then post all the pics?  oh right, me too. expect, we didn’t actually do that? ugh. blogging fail (x232902).  apologies for the wait. we did make dinner that week. and it was sooooo good. we felt better. we stayed on track with our budget. and it was nice to be back in the kitchen with some consistency. 

then, my family came into town. YAY FOR FAMILY! and it’s been the best thing since sliced bread.  they’re thee best. and they’ve been spoiling us.  we haven’t had to cook anything since the end of may.  it’s been glorious.  so, maybe we should have started this cooking plan at the end of june. 

anyways. here’s our culinary journey from that week… forever ago.  

monday: tostadas salsa verde

tuesday: ratatouille with white beans

wednesday: parmesan chicken with green beans & petite reds

thursday: garam masala chicken stew with peas & potatoes 

friday: braised chicken with mushrooms & polenta

thanks for being you and thanks for being awesome. 


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