her baking & his cooking

she bakes. he cooks. we eat.

her: lemon & poppy seed mini cupcakes

the little one turned 14 this weekend.  14. it blows my mind how grown up he is.  makes me sad & happy all at the same time.  he’s one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world.  so when he asked for lemon & poppy seed cupcakes for his birthday… duh, i made it happen. 

ps. what kid asks for lemon & poppy seed cake for their birthday? this kid does. oh, franco.

the cake was delish. light, fresh & zesty. perfect for a hot, sunny, PNW day!  

cheers to the little one’s 14th year of life! 

recipe source: always with butter

ps. happy mother’s day to all the mommas out there! 


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