her baking & his cooking

she bakes. he cooks. we eat.

her: salted chocolate chip cookies

this batch of cookies. is my new favorite thing. in the whole wide world. 

i didn’t use the cocoa nibs that the recipe calls for… not because i didn’t want to use them, but because my trader joe’s only had cocoa nibs that were covered in dark chocolate. which seems like a good idea, but with all the flavors in this cookie already, i didn’t want to add another dimension.  i’ll probably use those cocoa nibs for biscotti-or something like that.

but, back to these cookies. please use the walnuts. even if you’re not a huge fan of nuts in your cookies. and then, please toast the walnuts. use good chocolate. none of that milk chocolate, nestle stuff. (which i’m not hating on completely-because i love me some nestle every once in a while. but not in these) and then. add the sprinkle of sea salt. 

these cookies have so many complimentary flavors. each little bite is like a surprise. if we’re internet friends, then you’ll like these. if you don’t like these, then we shouldn’t be internet friends. just sayin’

recipe source: design sponge/jennifer martine 


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