her baking & his cooking

she bakes. he cooks. we eat.

her: blueberry bliss

blueberries have been creepin’ back into my grocery cart lately and i’m pretty happy about it.  i basically can’t get enough of them.  

take note…

  • blueberry & banana mini muffins
  • recipe source: kitchen confidante
  • fun & bite sized and a little dense, sort of like a mini cupcake 

  • "the awesome-est blueberry muffins" 
  • recipe source: the pioneer woman
  • my absolute favorite blueberry muffin recipe. ever. 

  • lemon blueberry muffin tops
  • recipe source:  allrecipes.com
  • bc really, what’s the best part of the muffin?  the muffin-top, duh!

btw. this is not an acceptable muffin top.  

ladies & gents. please, don’t be the unacceptable muffin top. please?

k, thanksss. 


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