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her: chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes

are you ready to meet your new bestest frenemy?  you know the one that you heart so bad that you can’t let go?! well, then say hello to cookie dough cupcakes.  who doesn’t love cookie dough?! and then you put it in a cupcake!? double trouble!

they’re all kinds of deliciousness.  just an fyi-cause i’m sure someone out there is thinkin’ it, the cookie dough is eggless, which means that you can eat as much of it as you want.  it’s a genius little concoction of sweetened condensed milk, flour, brown sugar and chocolate chips. they’re usually topped with a fresh baked mini chocolate chip cookie, so if you’re feeling fancy schmancy bust out your favorite recipe or, go the semi-homemade route, i won’t tell ;) ….  

whatever you do-don’t skip out on the cookie dough center. that’s what makes this cupcake magic. 

recipe source: annie’s eats

see that cookie dough center? *droooltastic*

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