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her: coffee caramel & bourbon buttercream mini cupcakes

so. first things first. i FINALLY have an iphone!!!!!!!!! (insert way more exclamation points here) which means, even though we have an UBER fancy camera (insert nikon d7000 here) i’ll probably just be posting instagram pics, cause i think it’s the best app ever. i’m a little behind the times, i know. but seriously-i have an iphone now!!! yay.

back to baking business. i think these are one of my new favorites.  they’re inspired by a kumquat cupcakery creation, which i’ve never had but have been in love with for, forever. i’ve also never been to NY, but when i do get there, trust that the kumquat cupcakery on my list of places to go. 

these feel so down home but grown up & sophisticated all at the same time.  that’s probably the bourbon talking, but i’m okay with that.  just an fyi-i decided not to use the cream cheese in the buttercream & cut down the bourbon from 5 tablespoons to 2, after reading the reviews.

  • cupcake recipe source: flour child
  • bourbon buttercream: adapted from allrecipes.com
  • caramel drizzle: starbucks caramel sauce 

happy baking… 

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