her baking & his cooking

she bakes. he cooks. we eat.

His: Cauliflower Soup

Simplicity at its finest!

Cauliflower soup is super easy to make. Just boil or steam a couple of heads of cauliflower and a few cloves of garlic until extremely tender and then mash in the pot. Add about 2 quarts of chicken stock and purée with an emulsion blender or even in a regular blender until you get a nice, smooth, soupy consistency. Add a bit of heavy cream and give a good stir and voila! Season with salt and pepper. I topped mine off with fried garlic, purple cauliflower and romanesco broccoli. 

'Til the next dish!

His: Steak Tartaccio

So Met Market had a coupon for a buy one get one free dry aged steak so of course we got some! 

This is what I made with a leftover one. I used it for the appetizer. It’s more of a carpaccio than anything. I quickly seared the steak on each side for about 45 seconds just to get a good flavor and still leaving the middle raw. Then I sliced it up suuuuuper thin and put in on a good sourdough baguette. 

Oh and I made a quick relish from apples, shallots, and sage, tossed some olive oil, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and a touch of brown sugar. I mixed it all up and then let it sit for about 30 minutes in the fridge. Plate it as such and voila!


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her: salted brown butter chocolate chip cookies


longest name, ever.  no big, these cookies are totally worth it.  i’ve been making these cookies consistently for the last few months.  i think the first time i made them was for thanksgiving and i probably make a new batch once a week.  they’re paolo’s favorite cookie, that’s saying something, because we eat a lot of cookies.  they have been christmas presents, dessert for dinner parties, just-because-it’s-wednesday cookies, breakfast, and everything in between.  

i’m not sure who decided browning butter was a good idea, but that person deserves a big mouth kiss.  it’s my favorite smell… so nutty and fragrant.  i’ve said it before, but make sure you really keep an eye on the butter.  it goes from amazing to nooooo good in zero point five seconds.  and noooo good is really noooo good.  burned butter=not anything close to as amazing as browned butter.  you want those pretty little flecks of brown butter, after the foam clears, and you start to see it clear up with flecks at the bottom of the pan.  that’s when it’s prime.  

this recipe is from joy the baker’s cookbook.  i use a large cookie scoop,   omit the walnuts, add an extra 1/2 cup of chocolate chip cookies, and add a little bit of sea salt to the top of each cookie before baking.  mmmmmm. 


her: brinner

it’s no big secret around these parts that i don’t do a lot of cooking. baking? obviously.  cooking? uhnotsomuch.  it’s not really my thing. there too many options. too many things you can change.  so much ambiguity.  i like baking because there is a process.  a system.  it makes sense for my type A brain.  

but, paolo works until almost 11 most nights… and well, if you know me. that’s waaaaay too late for dinner (and past my bedtime if we’re being honest).  i was getting a little tired of cereal and pre-packaged trader joes meals so, i started making breakfast sandwiches for dinner.  brinner, people! it’s thee shiiiet. 

listen. my over easy egg game is HOT FIIIYYYAAAA.  do you see that egg? it’s magnificent!  the white is all the way cooked through.  the egg yolk is still runny and buttery.  topped with a little sea salt, fresh cracked pepper, and red pepper flakes.  i told paolo to watch out.  i’m steppin’ up my game.  

the key to making an egg like this is low heat, it takes about 5 minutes after the pan has warmed up.  toss in a little bit of butter, crack the egg, and then let it do the work. 

dinner=english muffin with a slice of munster cheese, a slice of prosciutto, over easy egg, and half an avocado.  


her: vanilla bean bundt cake

hi friends!  so, i know it’s been a while, but we have a good reason. we’re engaged!  we’re looking at a september wedding, so we only have a few months for planning, which means that we’re already in the swing of things.  

ceremony. reception. wedding dress shopping. talking to caterers. flowers. flights. hotels. so. much. to. do.  

we’re hoping to have most of the big things finalized in the next couple of weeks, please keep your fingers crossed for us! 

back to cake-last weekend my auntie meling was in town from saipan and we celebrated her birthday.  she doesn’t love super sweet things so i thought this vanilla bean bundt cake was perfect.  i finished off the cake with pile of the prettiest raspberries and a sprig of mint (but didn’t get a pic-sorry).  

side note: i actually ended up baking two of these cakes.  so, maybe drinking red wine and baking cake doesn’t totallllly go together.  because the first cake was missing a stick of butter. whoops. 

this is definitely one of my favorite recipes.  it will be a staple in our home for brunch and long weekends! 

recipe source: sweetapolita


His: Brunoised Relish

First, forgive me for my horrible photo skills. I am unlike like lady who is really awesome with phone photography so hopefully it still looks appealing. (just joking. hello, new photo.)

As you may or may not know, I’m in culinary school at Seattle Central Community College and it’s my first quarter so we’re learning basic things and one of those basics is knife skills.

I created this dish because I wanted to work on my Brunoise cut which is 1/8x1/8x1/8 inch. It’s a pretty tedious cut but it’s one I need to know. I did that to a pear and a red onion and made a 

Pear and Red Onion Relish:

1/2 cup brunoise pear

1/2 cup brunoise red onion

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

pinch of dried parsley

drizzle of olive oil

salt and pepper 

I made a really small cut because I knew that I was only going to make a quick pickle so a smaller cut means less time to sit and soak up the liquid.

From there I made

Potato and Crab cake:

1 russet potato

1 container of crab claw meat

parmesan cheese


1/4 cup green onion

Boil and mash potato with skin on. Mix everything together. Form and dip into an egg wash and then panko and fry that baby up!

Underneath is a

Cauliflower Pureè:

1 head of cauliflower

1 tbsp butter

1/4 cup cream


White pepper

Cut and Boil the Cauliflower until extremely tender. Stick a fork into the stalk and it shouldn’t even stick to it. Drain and let drain for a minute or two to get rid of all the water. Once drained, place back into pan and mash. Mix in butter, cream, salt and pepper. Give a quick mix and then pureè with hand blender.

I drizzled some Harissa Infused Olive Oil around the edge for some kick. Harissa is a Tunisian pepper.

And that’s it! That easy! All because I needed to practice my knife skills (which I need to work on)

'Til the next dish!

our: life, lately

happy 2013! we are officially seattleites and trying to get settled into our new place. hope your holidays were magical… we’ll be back soon! 

  1. packing with mr. burgundy
  2. hazel wasn’t a big fan of moving
  3. our new little corner of the world
  4. happy 4th birthday party to our favorite little monster!
  5. wrapping presents
  6. baking chocolate chip cookies
  7. pieces of home
  8. kimchi bloody mary @ revel 
  9. 1/1/13
  10. le rêve bakery & cafe  (down the street from our place!)

her: Italian butter cookies


it looks like p forgot about the rest of our italian brunch from a few weeks back.  i’m sure he’ll post everything else soon enough.  it’s been a little crazy lately.  p just started a new job (yay! for met market) and he got into culinary school (double yay!) which means that we’re moving (not so yay) and trying to find a new place in the middle of the holiday season (again not so yay) so don’t mind the awkward silence that’s happening around here.  once we get back in our groove, i promise it’ll be worth it.  


anyways… technically, according to anne burrell-who rocks my socks-these have a fancy name, tarallucci.  best i can tell is that tarallucci can really mean any sort of italian cookie and they can be either sweet or savory. these aren’t very sweet, but they are nice and buttery.  yummm.  they are also supposed to be piped into the most beautiful little circles with a star tip but, i’ve made this recipe twice with no luck in the piping department. the dough is always too thick, so i decided to improvise, rolled out the dough and used a ravioli cutter to get a fun shape.  they still turned out amazing and they are really simple to make (minus the piping catastrophe).  

if you make these and you are able to pipe the dough, please tell me all your secrets! 

hope ya’ll are having a wonderful winter season.  

ps. happy birthday to my dad! 

recipe source: anne burrell, cook like a rock star 


His: Rosemary Zeppole

MMMMMM!!!!! Omar came over the other day for brunch. Jenn suggested that it have an Italian theme…and that’s exactly what we did! These are super delish AND super light!

I’m going to post everything I made in 3 parts as there were 3 dishes.

We’ll start with dessert. 

Zeppoles are basically the Italian version of a beignet and they’re super easy to make.

1/2 cup water

stick of butter

1/4 cup sugar

Rosemary sprig

Rosemary leaves chopped

Put all those ingredients in a pot and bring to a boil. Once boiling, take out the Rosemary sprig and add 1 cup of flour. Remove from heat. It should form and ball. Once it does, add 4 eggs one at a time and beat with an electric mixer. It will become a loose type mixture. That’s it!

Fill a pot with some vegie oil about 2 inches and heat to medium heat and fry those bad boys up about a tablespoon at a time. Dust with Powdered sugar and voila!! 

*I added some fig jam in the batter as well and it gave it a nice sweetness to it. 

'Til the next dish!!